Massey Ferguson 6616 Tractor / Loader

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This Massey Ferguson 6616 loader tractor is scale 1:32 and is presented in a window box. Manufactured by Britains, who specialise in replica model tractors, this is a fantastic collector item and also a great addition to any model farm.



The Britains Massey Ferguson 6616 Tractor with Front Loader has some great interior detail and features a rear hitch, front wheel steering and all of the Massey Ferguson decals you would expect. The loader can be lifted up and down and the rear hitch is compatible with other 1:32 scale models from the Britains range. Most other manufacturers models in the same 1:32 scale should also be suitable. This model tractor also comes with interchangeable loader attachments so it can be used for a variety of operations around your model farm. The full scale version of this machine boasts excellent manoeuvrability due to its curved chassis and bonnet which provides a great turning circle.

The recommended age for this model is 3+ years

The Massey Ferguson 6616 loader tractor features a short wheelbase and curved chassis and bonnet, providing it with one of the best turning circles of this type of machine on the marked. Used for a variety of loading operations around the farm, it would be a good choice of machine for moving and/or loading bales of feed or bedding, loading grain, moving heavy loads such as fertiliser or muck into muck spreaders.   This is a great all-round machine with good manoeuvrability in the yard, field and on the road.

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