Front Loader Accessories Set

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The front loader accessories set from Siku includes a range of attachments to fit onto a 1:32 scale front loader. Presented in a box with images showing the different use for each attachment. (Please note. This set is not compatible with the SIKU Control Fendt with front loader, item no. 6769).



The front loader accessories set includes a silage cutter, logging grab, brush pile grab, high tip bucket and big bag carrier, giving your loader more functions. These attachments will fit all 1:32 Siku front loader tractors (with the exception of the Siku Control Fendt with front loader 6769) and may also be suitable for other front loaders if they are the same 1:32 scale.

The front loader attachments are based on the original Bressle & Lade agricultural equipment manufacturers.

The manufacturers recommended age for this model is 3 years plus.

(Please note. This set is not compatible with the SIKU Control Fendt with front loader, item no. 6769).

The range of items included in the front loader accessories set features a number of attachments used on the front of a loader tractor in the full scale farming world.

The silage cutter enables a farmer to cut an amount of silage to transport to their livestock in a clean and efficient way.  Video

The logging grab is used to pick up large tree trunks and the brush pile grab is for pushing and loading brush wood.  Video

The high tip bucket is for a range of operations for example to load bedding into a livestock pen or to place silage into a fodder mixer.  The high tip and unloading angle that can be achieved on this bucket means the operator can ensure all of the load is released fully.  Video

The big bag carrier is used to transport large bags, for example fertiliser bags or large bags of seed.

Watch the full scale Bressle & Lade attachements in action!


Logging grab

High tip bucket

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