Siku Models

Siku models are built to last, being manufactured almost exclusively from zinc.  The Siku products are excellent replicas of the full scale machines and include a good level of detail whilst also being resilient, robust and long lasting.  The range includes a number of implements and attachments that can be used in conjunction with the model machines.  If in the same scale often other manufacturers' products will also be compatible and vice versa.

Siku is a German model toy manufacturer, established in 1921 by Richard Sieper and was at that time known as The Sieper Company.   In the early days the company manufactured a varied range of metal products such as cutlery, ashtrays, belt buckles and buttons.  Later they experimented with plastics, producing products such as plastic furniture and promotional items. In 1950 they moved into the production of model toys and began trading under the SIKU brand.  The name SIKU was the abbreviation of the founder’s surname (Sieper) and the word 'Kunststoffe', German for plastic.

The Siku ‘Farmer Series’ was launched in 1983 and continues today with a vast range of agricultural machinery, implements and vehicles. 

Due to the small parts that Siku feature they are not suitable for children under 36 months.

Siku also owns the Wiking brand, which can be found here on the Pocket Farming website.

Siku Products