Britains Models

Britains farm models are arguably one of the most well know farm model manufactures in the UK.  With a vast range of farm related products, they are good quality and durable replicas.  Britains is often the first choice for younger collectors due to their durability for play but are also very popular with collectors.  Many people remember Britains products from their childhood and are now buying the brand for their children!

The Britains range includes a number of implements and attachments which are compatible with other Britains models if in the same scale.  Often they are also compatible with other manufacturers such as Siku (if they are in a matching scale).

The Britains brand was a British company founded in the United Kingdom by William Britain in the 1890’s, specialising originally in the production of lead toy soldiers.  With a factory originally in London, rising costs of production lead to manufacturing moving to the far east in the 1960’s, as with many manufacturing industries.

The Britains brand was purchased by Ertl in recent years and is now owned by Japanese toy manufacturer Tomy (Takara Tomy).

Britains Products