Slurry Tanker (Roadside)

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Model replica of an NC slurry tanker.  This model is boxed, in a scale of 1:32 and is produced by Britains in die cast metal and plastic.



This replica of the NC slurry tanker has some fantastic detail and movable parts.  It features a movable boom, stabilising foot, rear discharge valve and suction hose with brackets located on the side of the tanker to secure and transport the hose.  In a brilliant red finish, this model is made from die cast metal with plastic detail.

The slurry tanker can be attached to our Britains model tractors in 1:32 scale and may also attach to other model tractors if they are of the same scale.

The manufacturers recommended age for this model is 3 years plus.

The NC slurry tanker would be used in the full scale farming world to transport slurry or other liquid from store to a spreading machine in the field.  Typically it would move cow or pig slurry, or digestate which is spread onto the land, often in place of a fertiliser due to its high nutrient value.   This model of the NC slurry tanker features a vacuum tank and self-filling arm enabling it to be filled without connecting pipes.  

You can attach this model of the NC slurry tanker to our Britains 1:32 scale model tractors to use on your model farm.  It may also be suitable for use with other model tractors if in the same 1:32 scale.

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