Lemken Disc Harrow

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The Lemken Gigant Disc Harrow is scale 1:32 and presented in a window box. Manufactured by Siku the disc harrow is a large and impressive implement and a must have addition to your model farm for ground preparation.



The size of the Lemken disc harrow is impressive and is perfect for all the ground work you need to do on your model farm in preparation for planting your next crop. This model Lemken Disc Harrow is a replica of the Gigant model from Lemken and features cultivator sweeps, discs and packer roll. It can be folded for transportation as the size of it would prevent you from moving from field to field due to the width. The wheels sit in front of the implement to prevent wheel tracks on the cultivated area.   This model agricultural implement is compatible with tractors within the Siku 1:32 range and most other models in the same scale.

The recommended age for this model is 3+ years

Approximate size 180 x 300 x 40mm.

The disc harrow is used to incorporate crop residues to create a stale seedbed. The model showcased here is a replica of the Lemken Gigant disc harrow which, due to it’s design, provides great ground following creating a uniform cultivation dept. The wheels on the Gigant system run in front of the implement and therefore leaves the cultivated area free of wheel marks.

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