County Super-4

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County Super 4 produced by Universal Hobbies. This model is 1:16 scale and comes in a box with polystyrene casing to protect this detailed replica.



This model replica of the County Super 4 features a die-cast chassis, opening bonnet and working steering wheel. It has a finely detailed engine and cab, as well as linkage and draw bar, rubber tyres and a detachable exhaust. This is a great collector’s item which is carefully encased within a box with a polystyrene mould to carefully protect all of the intricate details.

This is a highly detailed model with many intricate features and therefore is recommended for collectors over the age of 14 years.

In its day the County Super 4 would have been used for cultivation work. As one of the earlier 4 wheel drives this machine would have been popular in enabling farmers to use larger cultivators, although many found they lacked horsepower.

The distinctive large wheels were designed to improve traction but they were found to restrict the turning circle due to their size, which could make them difficult to manoeuvre. Now larger tractors which feature big wheels have the benefit of 4 wheel steer or have smaller front wheels to achieve a better turning circle.

The County Super 4 is now classed as a vintage tractor and may be spotted within some of the full scale vintage tractor enthusiast’s collections.

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