Claas Xerion Ballast weights

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Weight pack for the Wiking Claas Xerion model (WIK 7308).  The Claas Xerion Ballast Weights, manufactured by Wiking, are scale 1:32 to make them compatible with the Xerion 5000 model and come boxed.



These ballast weights come in two different configurations that can be used on the back or the front of the Xerion 5000 model (WIK 7308).  The wafers on each can be built up to mimic how they would be used in the full scale farming world.  The wafers feature the pegs and bolts to ensure they can be slotted into place and clamped down on either the front or back of the Xerion.

This product is designed to be used with the Xerion 5000 Wiking model (WIK 7308) which is a highly detailed product with many intricate parts and therefore is recommended for collectors over the age of 14 years.  

The ballast weights for the Claas Xerion 5000 are used in the full scale farming world to counter balance the weight of a rear or front mounted implement.  For example, when doing heavy cultivation work such as discing, cultivating or subsoiling, the weights can be used to help keep the tractor level and improve traction.  This in turn helps to reduce wheel slip and increases productivity, making the machine more fuel efficient and increases output.

The weight can be increased or decreased by adding or taking away wafers, offering maximum flexibility for different operations and associated implements.  The weights interlock and feature a peg at either end of the wafer to slot them into place, they can then be clamped in place with the central clamp.

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