CLAAS Lexion 760TT Combine

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This model CLAAS Lexion 760TT combine with V1200 Header from Wiking has a superb level of detail and its size is representative of the significant full scale machine. In scale 1:32, it comes complete with a detachable grain header.



Manufactured by Wiking, this CLAAS Lexion 760 TERRA TRAC has a wonderful array of features, including an opening grain tank, side panels and extending auger. You will need to make room on your model farm for this beast, with its huge VARIO header it will quickly get the harvest in.

This is a highly detailed model, with many intricate parts and is therefore recommended for collectors over the age of 14 years.

The full scale CLAAS Lexion is used to harvest any combinable crop in the full scale farming world, such as oilseed rape, barley, wheat, corn, linseed, peas and beans. The Pocket Farming 7824 model from Wiking features a header for grain. This high capacity machine enables farmers to bring the harvest in, in the shortest time possible.

It can store up to 12,000 litres of grain in the tank, which extends out for maximum capacity, and folds back down for transportation. The clean grain elevator, used to transport the grain up to the tank, discharges the grain into the middle of the chamber, distributing the grain evenly in the tank, which is important for stability of the combine.   This Lexion features an extra-long unloading auger which can unload as soon as the auger leaves the side of the machine, giving maximum flexibility to unload into a trailer or lorry, which can be located anywhere from right by the side of the combine to full reach away.   The very large grain tank minimises the number of times it needs to unload but the unloading system is very high output keeping the time to unload to a minimum.  

Along with many other features (far too many to mention here), the Claas Lexion 760 TERRA TRAC has a radiator with self-cleaning facility which helps to keep chaff and straw away from the engine and components. It also has the ability to chop straw and spread it evenly over the full area of which the header covers or alternatively can spread the chaff but leave the long straw in rows, ready to be baled and subsequently removed from the field.

The huge 12 metre CLAAS VARIO header is transported using the 4 wheel header trailer which attaches and follows behind the combine very effectively, enabling this large machine to travel with minimal disruption to the highways.

Find out more about the CLAAS Lexion 760 by visiting the CLAAS website.


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