Strautmann Verti-Mix Fodder Mixer Wagon

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The Strautmann Fodder Mixer from Siku. This fodder mixer is presented in a box and is scale 1:32.



Including great detail, this fodder mixer can be attached to a 1:32 scale tractor. It has a working mixing mechanism so you can place artificial feed into the waggon and then distribute it via the swinging feed hatch at the side.

The manufacturers recommended age for this model is 3 years plus.

‘Fooder’ is food given to animals as opposed to food they forage for themselves, for example hay, silage and pelleted feeds.

Fodder mixers enable farmers to feed their cattle and other livestock, such as sheep and pigs, in an efficient way, especially when they are housed in barns during the winter months. A variety of feed, such as silage, straw and grain, can be added to the fodder mixer and then blended together in a similar way to a kitchen food processor or blender. Feed mixers are designed to mix the different ingredients evenly, ensuring the animals eat a balanced ration of the food they are given. The mixer wagon also makes it quicker and easier for the farmer to feed his livestock.

Watch a full scale farming fodder mixer in action!

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